Using Facebook Sites for Surnames

There are thousands of social media Facebook Site centered around one or more related family surnames. Many are focused on a specific location or time frame. Here is a listing to help search for any that may be related.

For example the Larkin and Hubbard Family of Buffalo, New York. Imagine you had seen the surname Hubbard in some of your research and they were from New York. This would be a great source to check out.

Or the Marren Family of County Sligo in Ireland. It would not be of interest solely to the creator of the Facebook site but also to anyone with any remote connection. That tie-in could even be in the location itself – like County Sligo.

With quite a list of surnames in alphabetical order plus additional names placed with the main surname, there are many chances of one or more having a relationship with your family lines.

Each Facebook site will vary in what they have placed online such as photos, documents, hometowns, genealogical outlines, or maps. The great advantage is there are people to connect to and may be willing to share with a fellow family member.

Many of the Facebook sites will feature an original ancestor such as Hans Johannes Bischoff (Bishop) along with family descendants and other ancestors.

See more details and photos with the different sites you would need to ask to join the Facebook family site. Then you can learn the other related surnames. For Hans Bischoff other surnames include Lester, Skaggs, Justice, Sloan and Elkins. Real gems of information can be presented such as a plaque with family names and dates.

Another method to check what is available for surnames sites on Facebook is to do a search using the upper left search book. Place a surname and add the word ‘genealogy’ – see what comes up.

Photos: photos from the Facebook of Larkin & Hubband family of NY; and other names related to Bischoff and the plaque of the Hensley family.

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