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Social Media is everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, and emails are a major part of everyone’s life today.

Use that method of communication to help you in your own family research.

Where else can you network with groups of people from around the world and talk about family history, whenever you want? There are many, many, groups and pages on Facebook.

Start with the general genealogy Facebook pages such as Genealogy Just Ask! and then get into specifics by searching for historical and genealogy groups in hometowns you are interested in. Search also by country or even ethnicity groups.

Many people with the same surname (family name) have been created on Facebook also. Now that is one source you do need to investigate.

With Genealogy Just Ask! there are some 23,000 people on that Facebook site. That can be a good deal of assistance when needed. Also certain national branches there is: German Just Ask!; Scotland Just Ask! and England Just Ask!. Add to that there are states in USA with Just Ask! also. There is Florida Just Ask! and Kansas Just Ask!.

Another good one is Genealogy & Historical Databases, with about 11,500 members. Here is a fine offering of various databases, which everyone loves.

The top left corner of any Facebook page is a search box. It doesn’t say ‘search’ but have the letter ‘f’ to the left and you can search. Place just the key word ‘genealogy’ to see the various Facebook sites dealing with genealogy.

Do a search the same method for a family surname. You can start with the surname and add genealogy. You might need to have a couple different methods. Try also ancestral hometowns on Facebook. Place genealogy with the hometown also. You can try the surname and add ‘family tree’. Try different keywords and once you find a site you like, ‘befriend’ it so you can share and exchange with others.

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