Using Linkpendium for U. K. and Ireland

links-workers lancashireIf you have ancestors from Ireland or anywhere in the United Kingdom, the Linkpendium has links of resources for those areas. There is the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. With Britain having so many colonies across the world, there are links to colonial British colonies also. Almost 11,000 links for these locations are present.

The largest section is for England with about 6,741 links. All the English counties with their own links are present. For England were are maps, military records, vital records, churches, schools, occupations, English pubs, and obituaries among the collections.

links - workhouse- in LancshireFind the region, the county most interested in. Then scroll down to view the different categories, from taxation records to newspapers. Those links with a fee or in need of a subscription have a dollar sign ($), otherwise to view is free.

One of the links covers about English surnames and how common or unusual they might be. It has about 270,000 surnames shared by 54 million individuals. The English family name of ‘Kershaw’ has 10,138 individuals with that spelling. The family name of ‘Briggs’ has 23,081 individuals. The more unusual surname of ‘Tetlow’ has 1,287 individuals. Then for ‘Dubberley’ there are only 281 individuals a with that name. These rankings and numbers are important to know if they appear on your family tree, to see if there are many or only few possible ‘cousins’.

links-Sheep on Heywood Old RoadPhotos: English workers at Platt’s factory in Oldham, Lancashire, England in 1902; in West Derby, Lancashire Co, England in 1900; and Sheep on Heywood Old Road in Lancashire Co., England in 1900.

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