Using Linkpendium - Searching the 50 States

links, auburn NYHere are a variety of resources for each of the 50 United States to help with your family history research. It is part of the ‘Linkpendium‘ site.

Every state is listed along with the District of Columbia, and the American territories such as Samoa, Virgin Islands, Guam, Marshall Islands, and Puerto Rico. All together there are over 10.4 million links to information for the states.

For Texas there are 54,595 covering state-wide sites and then each of the individual counties have their sites. Most range between 100 and 500 sites for a county. That is just Texas. The same holds true for the other states.  links-fountain

New York State has a total of 80,050 links. All having about cemeteries, churches, vital records, biographies, military records, obituaries-funeral home records, postcard collections, land records and newspapers, to name a few of the categories.

Any of the links which require a fee or subscription are listed with a dollar sign ($). Otherwise, those databases are available free to use.

Not every type of database and records will be availableon Linkpendium, but more are being added each month. If it has been awhile since you explored a specific link, take the time to do so. links-Mallard, Minn

Photos: Lakeside Park in Auburn, NY; Skidmore Fountain in Portland, Oregon, 1941; and town of Mallard, in Clearwater Co. in Minn. about 1909 (it was abandoned in 1930).

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