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wikitree-aFor 2015, one of the top genealogical free sites to use is WikiTree. Its rank (done by Genealogy in Time Magazine) in 2014 compared to all the other free and paid genealogical sites was 21st. In 2015, it rose in rank to 15th.

There are some 10.9 million individuals in the listings contributed by over 275,000 family history researchers. WikiTree first started in 2008 by Chris Whitten and has always been free and open to anyone to view and join. It has become a method for everyone to share their family tree and possibility connect to others.

When creating an account, you supply your name, a password, and your email address. Then you can create your family tree. Even if you have only a few names and dates, it is a start. If you also have any photos, do include those. Each relative you can build on the information. What really helps is when someone else is looking for a similar surname or a specific person they can search and find your tree.

You in turn can also so a search and find others with matching family branches as you have. It is a great way to build and add to your family history. As you learn or discover new information the tree can be edited. The directions are easy to follow and cover any aspect you may be interested in, even to contracting others who might be related.

If you do just a surname search, it will list all in the database with that surname. You can then click on those of interest to you. New family names and individuals are being added every day, so you recheck once a month or so. However, start by adding your own family tree. You can keep it private or make it public – your choice.  Wikitree icon

To help see what surnames are available, there is a surname index. Quite a variety of names.

Remember your ancestors are waiting to be included.

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