Valentine and Other Vintage Postcards

Our ancestors used postcards like people today use email and Facebook to communicate with friends and family. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, those type of postcards were the most popular to exchange, send and give.

Using the online site of ‘Postcard Tree‘ has a vast collection of vintage postcards of all types and most with messages once written by people. Besides seeing the variety postcards, you might even find one one written from or to one of your ancestors. Use the ‘Search’ to place a surname and see what might come up.

Now view everything and do searching, you do need to register. With so many you will need to sign in to view all of this collection and make a possible discovery. 

Here is another link ‘ThoughtCo‘ to an online site with many vintage Valentine’s Day postcards.

Photos: Vintage girl and boy for Valentines-1930s.

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