Valentines and Love Letters


Valentine-heartOur ancestors wrote long letters to their loved ones. You may have a collection of such letters or journals handed down in the family.

With Valentine’s Day this weekend, make it a point to see if you or someone in the family does have some of the relative’s letters to other family members. It doesn’t have to be between boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife, it could be a note or letter to a child or a grandparent.  Valentine-call

With the art of writing letters nearly lost today due to emails, texting or voice mail, gathering those letters hand down over the generations is a wonderful way to reconnect with those ancestors long gone. Sometimes just taking the time to carefully re-read a letter can open up a new view of your ancestor. There might be a clue to an overlook occupation, a residence or trip when you read it the first time. I located in a letter from 1863 written by my ancestors, that two of them had attended a dedication of a new cemetery in Gettysburg, PA. — imagine!

Valentine-childNow if you have have some treasured vintage Valentines in the family heirlooms that is great. Scan each to help preserve them and then share with other relatives. If there is a special message written, review that careful also.

The giving or mailing of postcard Valentines to all types of people (friends and relatives) was very popular from the late 1890s into the 1920s. If you locate any of those treasures, you really have something to preserve. By scanning some, reprinting them and sending them now to friends and relatives – what a great surprise for them. Or send the 21st century method, as an email attachment.  


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