Veteran Administration Pension Payment Cards

Online and free to view and save information is the Veteran Administration Pension Payment Cards which cover 1907 to 1933 for those who serviced in the regular U. S. military. This doesn’t mean an ancestor served during those years but rather they applied and either was refused or did receive a pension for his military service. So a person might have served in 1898 during the Spanish American War and then be applying for a pension in 1920. Many of these cards will be for veterans who served during World War One.

Veterans had to supply quite a bit of information to apply for a pension. Each you locate on an ancestor could have a wealth of data, all supplied by the veteran himself. You will find the widow of a veteran could also apply for his pension, so information could have come also from the widow.

Veteran cardsThis information is from the microfilm files of of the Veterans Administration and put online by Internet Archive, along with the Allen County Public Library. With so many names the database is divided along alphabetical surnames.

Click on the online view (read online) at the top left. Then arrow each page as if turning pages of a book. You will see the alphabetical listing of each card. If you find a name, look left and right side, because there would be a front and back with information that was scanned. It will provide their service dates, any medical condition, their pension payments, rank, address, etc.

This can be quite a search yet yield previously unknown information.

Photo: Cards for George W. Chappel and James Chappel.

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