Videoing Family Stories

movie_film_camera--2Oral family history is as old as families themselves. Long before writing, one’s traditions and history were passed down to later generations by the telling verbally of family stories. True, many of the family stories become tales or legends over the years and not with all the actual truth that it started with.

With writing of family stories, preservation greatly improved. With technology of the 21st century, a good video can be made by anyone of a relative being interviewed or just that person telling their memories.

There are many digital devices (smart phones, video cameras) to make such videos easily. Using the Internet, instructions and wonderful techniques on filming are available. There is an online program titled ‘Voyzee‘ designed to make the making of videos super easy.

On their site, after you register, you can download their FREE software to help you make a great video. As they say “Your Story, Your Voice” or whoever you want to speak on the video.


It helps you with background music, adding photos, voice-over narration, soundtracks and a variety of video tools to make a video you can be proud to share and preserve your family stories.

The most important thing … start now to get those family stories saved.


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