Viewing Birth and Death Certificates from Arizona

Arizona StateMore states in the United States are adding digital copies of actual state vital records online. Since all states keep their own birth-marriage and death certificates, it is necessary to know where an ancestor was born.  If uncertain, the researcher might have to check several states to find the correct relative.

For the state of Arizona they have placed online the Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates, very readable in PDF (portable digital file) format.

Looking for someone born in Arizona between 1855 and 1935 the public records are available. Arizona was a territory of the United States until joining the Union on February 14, 1912.  The death certificates, also public, covers from 1844 to 1960. The date ranges covered are because by state law any birth that occurred less than 75 years ago, or death that occurred less than 50 years ago is protected and not made openly public.  Each year, another year’s vital records are added.

The main search box has you place a person’s name.  If it is a less common name, just the surname can be placed. It is not necessary to place a specify year or county of birth or death.  All with the selected surname will appear.  For a surname with variations in spelling, do try all the different spellings of a name.

Placing a surname will also bring up the mother’s maiden name, so it that family name is known, try it.  The death certificates offer a good deal of information; the person’s birth and death dates, their occupation, what they died of, their martial status, who provided information and where the person was buried.

Being in PDF format allows for easy viewing, making the details larger if needed. Besides the information provided, a hard copy can be printed to add to the files of vital records for your ancestors. These birth and death records are primary sources. All worth investigating for relative who lived in Arizona.

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