Vintage Maps

Maps-York, PA 1950sThe use of old maps when gathering information on your ancestors can be essential. It really helps in putting together the family story. The hometown, the region or country may have been a different name and size when your ancestors lived there. This is all part of the search, the discovery of your family heritage with Old Maps Online.

You have two buttons to select from: ‘Find a Place’ or ‘Browse the Old Maps’. With find a place, type in the town and state. You can also just place a state name or a county name. Various maps of the area at different time periods are done as a thumbnail. Click on one of interest and you can zoom in for further detail. With browse old maps, you have many to just look over, maybe ones you hadn’t to review.

maps-Atlanta, GA-1864Each map is different, some showing greater details, such as street names, etc than other maps. There are historical maps, especially during major military battles. Review as many different ones as you can find on Old Maps Online.

You can download each map to your computer also.

Photos: York, PA in 1950s; Atlanta, GA taken by Union troops during the Civil War; and Santa FE, NM in 1950s.

Maps-Santa FE, NM-1950s

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