Wayne County Genealogical Society Finds New Home

The Wayne County Genealogy Society is located in Richmond, Indiana. Its Family History Center was previously housed in the St. John Lutheran Church. It has since moved to the lower level of the First Friends Church.

The reason why the Wayne County Genealogy Society needed to find a new home was because the St. John Lutheran Church had switched hands and had decided to do some renovations. The Society decided that since they were going to have to make a temporary move, it made sense to seek out a new permanent home.

Finding a new space was difficult due to a lack of funds. The Society had been paying $150 a month for the space it used at St. John Lutheran Church. It couldn’t afford to pay much more than that amount.

The move started on September 23, 2019. A moving company spent the day moving furniture and other large items. Members of the Society, with help from friends and family, spent the next few days transferring boxes from the old site to the new one.

The Wayne County Genealogical Society shuts down every December and January for the holidays. When it returns in 2020, there will be a membership drive, and an open house. Meetings are open to all persons who wish to attend. Their office is open on Mondays, and members can come and go throughout the day, do research, compile new information, and sort through files.

The Society has more than 30 members, some of whom are not local residents. Anyone interested in genealogical pursuits in Wayne County can become a member. Yearly dues are $20 per person.

WSGS members who can prove their lineage back to a person who was a resident of Wayne County in 1830 may apply for acceptance into the “First Families” Group. To apply, fill out an application, provide the required information, documentation and costs.

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