Ways to Artfully Display Family Artifacts

Jar of buttonsWe all enjoy looking at old family photos. Most of us have a wall in our homes that is dedicated to nicely framed photographs of relatives and ancestors. Photos are easy to display. Other artifacts, such as jewelry, personal mementos, or small items from a person’s favorite hobby, are harder to display. It can be done! Use your creativity and you can come up with a beautiful, artistic, way to put family artifacts on display.

Buttons in a Jar

Have you inherited a collection of buttons that an ancestor or relative once owned? One way to remember a relative who loved to sew is to make a display of the buttons, small spools of thread, and pincushions that she left behind.

Buttons, in their varied colors, shapes, and patterns, look wonderful in a jar. Place the jar on a shelf next to a small framed photo of the relative who owned the buttons. You can also arrange a small collection of spools of thread, needles, and little pincushions in a tall, clear, jar. The sewing kit that reminds you of a loved one has become a work of art.

Necklace on the Wall

People tend to store jewelry that was once owned by a relative safely in a jewelry box. The necklace might not match your tastes, but you still want to keep it, in memory of your loved one. One way to enjoy the jewelry, and think of your relative daily, is to display the necklace by hanging it on a wall.

Framed photographs can be easily hung on a wall. Hammer a nail into a sturdy portion of the wall. Slide the hook that is on the back of the frame on the nail. For necklaces, you need two nails. Place them a few inches away from each other. Drape the chain over both of the nails.

Keepsake Frames

Craft stores, and stores that sell photo frames, may also sell “keepsake frames” or “memory boxes”. They are box-like frames that are much deeper than a typical photo frame. The purpose of these specialized frames is to enable a person to display a small photo and a few family artifacts together.

The keepsake frame prevents dust and dirt from settling on the artifact. They also make it easy to display pens, knives, hairpins, graduation rings, and other small personal items. Add a photo of the relative who owned the items, and you display more than just his or her image. You also capture a bit of their personality!

Image by Therese Flanagan on Flickr.

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