Ways to Celebrate National Family History Month

In the United States, National Family History Month is celebrated in October. In 2001, Congress passed a resolution that was introduced by Senator Orrin Hatch (Republican – Utah). The resolution was to officially create Family History Month.

Here are some ideas for celebrating Family History Month:

Visit the Library
Your local library may be offering special classes and events for genealogists and family historians this month. The focus will probably be on things like tips for doing research on ancestors from specific countries. Take advantage of the genealogical resources that are available for free at the library.

Tour a FamilySearch Discovery Center
Discovery Centers offer visitors a high-tech way to get acquainted with their ancestors and family heritage. Hands-on activities are available that are based around a visitor’s own family history.

Join a Genealogy Society
One of the best reasons to join a genealogy society is for the opportunity to do some networking. Every genealogist can help the others in the society to do their research, fill in their family tree, and get around their “brick walls”. Genealogy societies often have members-only conferences and publications that can provide education and insight.

Create a Family Cookbook
Gather up all those hand-written recipe cards created by your female ancestors. Old paper tends to turn brown and crumble after a while. You can preserve those family recipes by creating a Family Cookbook. This can be done very simply by hand-transcribing the recipes into brand new notebooks. Or, you can put together a more formal book and self-publish it.

Digitize Old Family Photos
Learn how to digitize all those old family photos that are sitting in albums and shoeboxes. Doing so provides a backup copy if the originals get lost or damaged. Digitized photos are extremely easy to share with relatives. You can send them in an email, post them on social media, or put them in your personal family history blog.

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