WDYTYA - April 3rd


Who Do You Think You Are?The newest season American version of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ (WDYTYA) starts Sunday, April 3rd at 9 pm E / 18 pm C. It is on the TLC channel. The show helps celebrities find their family background – family history. In turn it shows the general public different methods for locating their ancestors.  WDYTYA Katey Segal

The names of celebrities to be featured in this spring season include: Katey Segal who sees her Amish roots, Molly Ringwald and her Sweden background, Scott Foley’s family goes back to colonial times, Aisha Taylor discovers the story behind an unknown many generation grandfather, then Lea Michele learns why her father’s ancestor immigrate to America, and Chris Noth finds an ancestor who fought in one of the history’s bloodiest battles. WDYTYA-Scott Foley

Each week a different celebrity is featured.

See everyone has a story relating to their ancestors that helps explain who and how the celebrity or a regular person today reached where they are now. WDYTYA-Molly

Photos: WDYTYA Logo, Katey Segal, Scott Foley and Molly Ringwald.

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