WDYTYA - Next Episode is Feb. 24th

No episode this Friday, February 17th, the next one is the following Friday, February 24th with the actor Blair Underwood on NBC at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time.  There were many surprises in store for Underwood as he journeyed to his original roots in the continent of Africa and then to his southern roots in America.

There is always something new to discover about your lineage and family background, all of which helped contribute and make you the person you are today.  Just by starting with your parents and grandparents can open new doors of information.  You don’t have to cross the ocean to begin the family lineage trip … start in your own backyard.

If you have not started collecting information from those relatives still alive, make a point to begin that activity very soon, it is well worth it.  From there you can search further into vital records, photos, diaries and documents.

An example of asking your parents about their life was demonstrated to me very clearly many years ago when I did take the time to ask my mother about her activities and interests years before I was born.  When I was 40 I learned that my mother had been an agent with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), an agency before the CIA was created in 1947.  She was already an Lieutenant with the Women’s Army Corps and held a law degree. She gathered information on any possible female spies on U. S. soil during the depths of World War II for the OSS.   Who knew??

Not until I took the time to ask a few questions, did this information come out. When I asked her why she had not spoken of this aspect of her youth, she replied she didn’t think anyone was interested.  Oh, yes we are!

Photo above – Lt. Nan M. Everhart – 1943

< Return To Blog looking for anything on Adam Kaus born in 1815 in Germany trying to fine his parents where they where born and there death also looking for anything on Catherin Ries born in 1819 in Germany and her perents when they where born and there death do you have any pictures or anything thanks
Dave Isaacs 16/02/12

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