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Person Researching on a ComputerAn online collection of submitted family names, photos, documents, dates, locations, etc. is presented on the site ‘We Relate‘. This is a free Wiki sharing genealogy site, with nearly 2 million names in the database. It is maintained by the Foundation for On-Line Genealogy and Allen County Public Library of Indiana.

The basic formula is to have a sharing and collaboration with many researchers and established family trees, to produced a single tree with one page per individual. By family history researchers uploading individual GEDCOMs to the site, those can then be merged with matching information already on the site. By fellow researchers sharing their tree or research with WeRelate, it is hoped a larger community will be able to partake in essental information, photos and documents. There is strong desire to have such provided information also backed with primary and secondary sources.

The Gedcom upload process excludes names who might be living; such as anyone under 110 years old with no death date. A researcher’s GEDCOM file is easy to upload to WeRelate. From the WeRelate dropdown on the homepage, the researcher selects ‘Trees’ and the downloads their GEDCOM. One such file should have under 5,000 individuals. If a researcher has more names, a separate file should be submitted. Anytime the researcher wants the GEDCOM deleted from WeRelate, it can be done, as well as any editing.

For those unable to create a GEDCOM file, they can still submit ancestors to the site. A ‘person’ or ‘family’ page can be created; where dates, names, places, photos, etc. can be placed. That will then be merged with any matching names.

Besides any number of photographs and document images being placed on the site, there are also transcriptions from letters, papers, deeds, military records, obituaries, Wills, etc. Provided is the option to share family data, but if a researcher does not want collaboration by others the information can be posted on a ‘user page’.

By sharing ancestral information you can possibly uncover a wealth of new data, including valuable photos. It is especially a good site to checking and seeing what vital documentation exists on the ancestors.

A simple registration is done and then one can start submitting information. Even if you are not ready to submit your own GEDCOM file, the WeRelate site can be searched for individual names or surnames. It is worth checking with your own list of ancestors.

< Return To Blog You have listed David Hall 1782-1788 birth. 1809 death You have listed Harrison County, Va as birth place and Thomas as father. Much of information came from a query by me. I am quite certain after spending over 15 years on this subject your information is incorrect. No member of my family going back for 100 years has ever listed an Elizabeth as a daughter, I now believe I have better data; however, I don't dare mention it to you as I have seen you list data that has not been verified and many people will take this information as fact. If there is anything that upsets families seeking their verified history it is outfits like your listing anything anyone throws out there. This is why we hear so much about fake news, altered history. Please take down anything provided by me as I was guessing on some of the data. Much of it is verifiable, but not all which makes it invalid Howard Hall
Howard Hall 13/02/11

Thank you Howard for your comment and concern. My recommendation would be to contact the site linked in the blog post. We, FamilyTree.com, don't man the information shared on 'We Relate'.
FamilyTree.com 13/02/11

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