Weatherford Public Library is Downsizing its Genealogy Section

Weatherford Public Library is located in Weatherford, Texas. They provide free library services for Weatherford and the Parker County community and inform, enrich, support, and empower its citizens by promoting lifelong learning opportunities and a love of reading. The Weatherford Public Library is downsizing its genealogy section.

The founder of the East Parker County Genealogy and Historical Society, Vickie Ballow, wrote a Facebook post about the downsizing on December 28, 2017. Part of that post said:

“It has come to our attention that the Weatherford Public Library is planning to drastically reduce the materials in the genealogy room. We (East Parker Co Genealogy & Historical So) have been in touch with library director Chris Accardo, it seems that at this time he plans to make the genealogy room a study center. This is very disappointing….”

The post also said: “We believe that Mr. Accardo has already started giving away materials to other libraries outside the county and intends to give away at least 6,000 items at the very least. We have arranged for a meeting at the library where the director will tell the people attending his plans and be available to answer any questions or concerns we may have…”

The Weatherford Democrat reported that the city will hold a public meeting on January 13, 2018.

Director of Library Services Chris Accardo responded to the Facebook post made by Vickie Ballow with a post of his own on the Weatherford Public Library Facebook page. The post was also published on December 28, 2017. Here are some key points from his post:

* The Library is not removing any materials that related to Parker County history. No original documents or records will leave the library building. One of the ten stated roles of the Weatherford Public Library, as approved by the Weatherford Public Library Board and City manager in 2016, is “To preserve those documents and audiovisual recordings which chronicle the life, history and culture of the citizens of Parker County”. Weatherford Public Library Staff take that responsibility very seriously.

* Our local history and genealogy staff expert is examining each item in the Genealogy Collection individually, very carefully, to determine if it should stay in the collection or not.

* Materials that are still accurate and in good shape that will not be kept in our collection are being offered, in accordance with law and policy, to other libraries and non-profit organizations. They must pick the items up here or arrange to have them shipped.

* Some materials in the collection are inaccurate or out-of-date. This happens even with genealogy research materials. Those materials will be discarded in accordance with law and policy.

Image by Texas State Library and Archives Commission on Flickr

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