What Can You Learn from Grandma's Pie App?

What Can You Learn from Grandma's Pie App?  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comBased on the name alone, you might think that the Grandma’s Pie app was focused on family recipes. Instead, the app provides you with pie charts that are based on data from your genealogy research. It gives you an easy way compare the percentage of your heritage from various countries.

Grandma’s Pie is an app that was developed by Brigham Young University’s Family History Technology Lab. The app is featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section of the FamilySearch App Gallery. You can also find it in the “Charts and Tree Views” section.

Those who have a FamilySearch account can download the app for free. FamilySearch users can access the Grandma’s Pie app through a FamilySearch account or through a GEDCOM file. This works out well considering that users are required to have a FamilySearch Account or a GEDCOM file in order to use Grandma’s Pie app.

Grandma’s Pie app was last updated in February 5, 2015. In other words, it’s not a brand new app – but it might be new to you! The app can read information from your FamilySearch account, but it cannot update information on your FamilySearch account. The app cannot support LDS features.

The Grandma’s Pie app is described as “a visualization tool that allows you to see where your ancestry is from at a glance.” The app organizes your FamilySearch tree data into pie chart format. The purpose of this app is to give you valuable insight about your ancestry’s origins.

The Grandma’s Pie app can show you the countries of up to seven generations. It is also possible to have the app show you a pie chart on a single generation or multiple generations. You can choose to allow the app to “extrapolate unknown countries” if you would like to.

The pie chart you are shown will have a Legend at the side that tells you what color in the pie chart corresponds to what country. On the other side of the pie chart, there is a box titled “Percentages”. This box shows you what percent of your heritage comes from each of the countries that are in the pie chart.

What can you learn from the Grandma’s Pie app? You can learn exactly how much of your heritage came from a specific country. You may already have some idea about that. Presenting the same data in a different format (like a pie chart) can bring you to new insight. It makes it easy to compare percentages. The app might also show you countries that you had no idea were a part of your heritage.

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