What Earlier Teenagers had to Deal With

Your ancestors as teenagers in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s had to deal with situations that teenagers in the 2020s would never have to deal with. Here is a look at some such events. See if you remember any or your ancestors faced.

Sitting through TV commercial breaks — change the channel or view commercial-free programs.

Reading dozens of books and encyclopedias to complete a research paper – there is instant information on any subject at your fingertips on the Internet.

In the classroom, writing on a chalkboard — whiteboards are used now, clean and easy.

Don’t own a car but need a ride to someplace — East today, you can call Ubar for a ride.

The collection of records or albums, CDs or DVDs, could scratch easily, then you have to purchase another album — today you just download the music or movies you want.

Accidently destroying family video (VHS) memories – many VHS family movies lost forever when someone retaped over it.

The phone rings and you have no idea who it is — with caller ID today, that is no longer a problem.

Using the old dial-up method to start the Internet for your computer — with faster WiFi, using dial-up is no longer necessary.

Saving your photos and documents on the small floppy disks — not necessary anymore with Cloud Storage available.

Renting VHS or disc movies from a store — nearly all such stores are gone now with all types of movies and TV shows available through streaming services on your TV or computer.

Only one phone in the household — just about everyone, especially teenagers have their own portable phone that goes where they go.

Photo: One home dial-up phone and not portable.

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