What I Learned- Day 4

metal tree with framesToday, I had the opportunity to look at the list of potential links that the My Heritage website found for me. I began my genealogy research by typing my own first name, and my maiden name into the search engine. My hope is that one of the links that it listed for me would provide me with the records I am seeking.

I start by logging in. This goes smoothly! I learned today that I will have to ask the search engine to run the exact same search all over again. This means waiting around for the Megadex thing to go through all 1184 of the top genealogy databases once again. If there is a way to save the data from a previous search on the My Heritage website, I haven’t found it yet.

Waiting takes a while. I am using the Internet Explorer browser on my laptop to do this search, because the laptop is a PC. My Heritage doesn’t seem to work well with Macs, and is unable to work with the Safari browser. This allows me to check my email on my Mac while I wait for My Heritage to finish it’s searching. My best guess is that if I were to go and check my email on the same computer that I am accessing the My Heritage website on, that it might cause the search to run more slowly. I surely don’t want it to go slower!

Today, I learned that there is a slider tool on the My Heritage website. The word Speed appears next to the slider. It appears that the default on this slider tells the search engine to run slowly. Sliding the little button towards Fast makes the bar go from green to red. I’ve no idea what that means. As I slid the bar, numbers appeared that indicated that the time it would take for my search to be completed was becoming less. I wonder if this slider is mostly cosmetic, because it doesn’t appear to have done anything at all. My Heritage seems to be searching at the original, slow, speed.

I decided to go ahead and try scrolling through what has been found so far. There is a chart to view. The first box has an image of each genealogy website. The second box has information about that website, and a link to it. The next box shows how many matches can be found at that website for the name I entered into the search engine. The last box is called Actions, and there is a little icon and the word View. There are eleven websites listed. The search engine is still trying to complete the search. I haven’t gotten very far this time.

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