What I Learned - Day Eleven

MyHeritage.com LogoNot expecting to find anything useful, but still curious about what the rest of the list holds for me, I return to the MyHeritage website. So far, I am unimpressed with the list of matches that MyHeritage found for me. I have two potential websites left on the list.

The next website on the list is Ancestor Search (Easy Google Genealogy Searcher). Google has a search engine dedicated to genealogy? I have learned something new, already. MyHeritage says that this google website has 7,040 matches for the name I put into the MyHeritage search engine, (which was my own first name, and my unmarried surname). It has that many matches? Why wasn’t this website at the top of the list?

I learned that the Ancestor Search (Easy Google Genealogy Searcher) brings up a list of links to websites where it found the word Jennifer and the word Dahlberg. It shows twenty matches at a time. The first one is for someone who shares my name on LinkedIn. The next four are for a woman who has a hyphenated surname that includes Dahlberg, and seems to be an Attorney at Law. I see a link to a book on Amazon.com that has an author who is not me. There is a Facebook post from a woman who shares my name who wrote about a foster kitty named Sally Slim that she recently adopted. There was an Opera about The Grapes of Wrath with a man named Steve Dahlberg, and a woman named Jennifer Eckes. I learn that the google ancestor search cannot differentiate one name from another one.

Next, is a directory of Females with the surname Dahlberg, from the Is This Your Name? Website. I scroll through a list of every possible female name with the surname Dahlberg. I find a Jennifer Dahlberg, and a Jenny Dahlberg. When I click on the link for Jennifer Dahlberg, I learn that 31% of the letters in my name are vowels. I learn what my name looks like in binary. I learn what my name looks like spelled backwards, and in Pig Latin. Somewhere underneath this flotsam of useless information is a link I can click to find the Dahlberg Family Tree on the OneGreatFamily website. Unfortunately, that website wants me to pay money to use it, so this is a dead end.

The last remaining website in the big list is called KnowX- Precise Information About the Deceased (US Users Only). There are three matches here, but I know they can’t be me, because I am not deceased. I learn that the big list that MyHeritage found for me resulted in exactly zero pieces of useful information.

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