What I Learned - Day Nine

MyHeritage.com LogoToday, I am determined to finish sorting through the list that the MyHeritage website gave me. I am still working from my original search, where I told it to look for my first name and my maiden surname. I have yet to find anything of use, and am getting discouraged.

The next website on the list is USGenNet. I have heard that this website is one of the better ones to use for genealogy research. Suddenly, I have a glimmer of hope. MyHeritage says that there are 3 matches for me on the USGenNet website. When I get there, I see that the name I am searching for information on has already been entered into the search engine at USGenNet.

The first match is from the Argus Press 1974 Obits Index. Obits, I am certain, means the same as Obituaries. Since I am clearly still alive, I know that this link is going to be for someone else who shares the same name as me. The second item says Berrien County Genealogy Project presents…Millburg Cemetery. I’m not entirely certain what that link will lead me to. However, since it involves a cemetery, and, as I have mentioned, I am not dead yet, I know that this link is not going to pertain to me.

The last one is mysteriously called [o.htm]. Curious, I decide to click on it. It has four yellow stars next to it, which is more stars than that other two links were given. What is it? It is…. well, I’m not sure. There are reference numbers, followed by a / which is followed by year. Then it says a day and month. Next is a column called Place Born. Under that is a list of names. The next column says M/F. I take it that means male/female. This might be some kind of birth record, but for where? Next it says L/S, and I have no clue what that means. Some of the names on this list have a L in this column, but most have nothing at all. The next column is headed with =, and a few names have a 1 in this column. The next column starts with Father, and there is a list of names under it. The last column says Mother, and there is a list of names there as well.

I search through, but my name does not appear. I see a few Jennifers, and an Eric Dahlberg. There is a person named Bjorn Dalberg Olsen listed many times. I suppose USGenWeb saw Jennifer somewhere on this page, and Dahlberg somewhere on this page, and figured that was good enough. Today’s search did not give me any useful results, either.

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