What I Learned - Day Seven

MyHeritage.com LogoOnce again, I go to the MyHeritage website, to try again. As always, I enter my own first name, and my unmarried last name, into the search engine. As always, I must wait for MyHeritage to pull up the same exact search that I have been working on since I started using this website. This gives me time to go into my kitchen, and get a glass of iced tea. To my dismay, it isn’t even halfway done with the search by the time I return to my computer.

Instead of waiting, I decide to go ahead, scroll down, and see if I can access the information it has found so far. The fourth website on the list is Lycos People Search. Lycos still exists? I’m fairly certain that the last time I used Lycos to do any kind of a search, it was back in the early 1990’s. Today, I learn that Lycos is still out there. Who knew? The MyHeritage website says there are 13 matches for me on the Lycos website. The previous website on the list, Google Book Search, only had 3. I learn that the list of websites that MyHeritage brings up is not in order of how many matches each website had for me, after all.

Wow, Lycos is still using the icon of the black dog, and the slogan “Go get it!” I hope it got something good. My name is already entered into the Lycos People Search engine. Below the search engine, I see ten of the thirteen items that MyHeritage considered to be a match. Each one shows the same first name and same surname as I entered into my original search. Underneath each is an address and phone number. I suppose the Lycos search could be useful if I were trying to locate a living relative, (and not myself), and wanted to contact that relative. None of the people listed are me. Oddly enough one of these women has a street address that matches the name of an online video game that I used to play back in the early 1990’s. Try as I might, I cannot find a way to access the three potential matches that are not shown on this page. So much for the Lycos People Search!

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