What I Learned - Day Ten

MyHeritage.com LogoToday, I return to the MyHeritage website to hopefully complete my search through the list of websites it found for me. I am still searching for myself, using my first name and my unmarried surname. I am getting close to the bottom of the list, and I have found exactly zero useful pieces of information so far. MyHeritage has yet to locate me anywhere at all.

Website number seven on the big list is Veromi- Property Search. I’ve never heard of Veromi. I learn from the description that the Veromi website is connected to dozens of databases and billions of records, and that these databases are the same ones that the government and law enforcement agencies use. It sounds very promising, but, according to MyHeritage, there are only two matches waiting there for me. What are the two matches? One is for a Jennifer Dahlberg who might be married to a Peter Dahlberg. As I mentioned, Dahlberg is my maiden name, so this Jennifer is absolutely not me. These Dahlbergs own property in Redondo Beach, California. The other listing is for someone who shares my name, but who is not me, who has property in Vancouver, Washington. So much for this website!

The eighth website on the list at MyHeritage is Veromi Marriages Search (Brides). It seems to be the same Veromi as the one that does property searches. There are three matches here for me, according to MyHeritage. A quick glance at the Veromi website shows that these people are not me, either. I can see their middle names, or middle initials, and none match mine. All three of them are listed in states that I’ve never lived in. Cross this website off the list as well.

The next website is called Wedding Channel, and I am suspicious that this is an online magazine, instead of a genealogy website. It’s description says that the website exists to help marriage-bound women and men through the sometimes challenging…. something or other. The description doesn’t completely fit into the box at MyHeritage. I view this website just to confirm my suspicions, and to discern what MyHeritage thought were the two matches for me there. What do I find? I learn that this website is a bridal registry. Someone with the same name as me got married in October 2010, and registered for gifts at Bed Bath & Beyond, and at Target. Why did MyHeritage think this website was a genealogy website? This was a complete waste of time.

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