What I Learned - Day Three

MyHeritage.com LogoToday, I tried, once again, to access the MyHeritage website. I learned that somehow, the MyHeritage website has figured out that I was trying to become a member, because it allows me to log in. A small, stable, box appears, which I find very easy to log into. Finally, I am now able to access the very same search engine that I was originally attempting to use.

Once again, I begin by searching for myself. I type my first name into the first box, and my unmarried surname, Dahlberg, into the second box. I allow it to use the default, which is to search by Megadex. This brings me back to the page with the multiple ways to spell Dahlberg on it. I again choose the one that is listed as 100% correct, and tell it to search. This is as far as I have been able to get on the MyHeritage website, at least so far.

Something new appears. I learn that in order for me to be able to run genealogy searches quickly and reliably I must now download a specialized component I am reassured that I will only be required to download it one time. Confusingly, it tells me that after installing this component, that my browser might display a yellow bar at the top of the page. If it does, I am to select something called ActiveX Control, and then I am to click Retry. Once again, I consult my husband, who tells me that I can go ahead and download this thing, as long as it doesn’t cost anything. Bravely, I click the button called Install Now.

I learn that this installation doesn’t take very long. Afterwards, the MyHeritage website automatically went back to the search that I have been trying to get it to do since I first found the website. There are 1184 top genealogy databases that it wants to search through, and this takes a while. Eventually, I am given a list of genealogy websites that had a match for the name I entered into the search engine. There are little icons that indicate if each website costs money to use, if it is indexed, and if the website is popular. I learn that my perseverance appears to have been rewarded!

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