What I Learned - Day Two

A 13 Million Person Family TreeToday, I decided to see if the problem that I was having with the MyHeritage website was because I was using a Mac computer. To test this problem, I fired up my laptop computer, which is a PC. I prefer to use the Safari browser, even on my PC. I manually typed the URL for the MyHeritage webpage that I was attempting to use yesterday into the address bar. Hoping for the best, I hit enter.

Today, I learned that the MyHeritage website http://www.myheritage.com/page/free-genealogy-websites is currently unavailable for the browser I am using. Instead of Safari, it seems that I should be using the Internet Explorer instead. Fortunately, my laptop PC has that browser installed. After searching around for a while, I find where my Internet Explorer browser is hiding. It starts up with no problems, which encourages me.

I do the same thing I attempted yesterday, and type my first name and my unmarried last name into the search engine. There is a box with several potential variations of my last name sitting inside it. I learned that there are a vast variety of ways that someone has thought of to spell Dahlberg. There is only one that is listed as 100% correct, and so I tell the search engine to start this search.

A new window has popped up and blocked the information I am trying to search for. This is incredibly frustrating! This window wants me to sign in, if I am already a member, or sign up for a free membership. This is discouraging. My choices now are to quit using this website, or to sign up for a membership. I bravely decide to go ahead and sign up, figuring that if I refuse to give them a credit card number, they cannot possibly cause me harm.

Here is where I run into another problem. The form I need to fill out in order to become a member is set into a smaller, separate window. The window itself refuses to fit nicely in my browser, the browser that MyHeritage insisted that I use! Instead of letting me fill out the form, this window keeps bouncing just off the screen. I try several times to catch the little box I need to fill out. I learn how to drag this window higher on the screen, which allows me to fill in one of the boxes on the form. I learn that I have to repeat this process in order to completely fill out the form. The same thing happens after I manage to sign up, when I learn that that I have to click a button called Finish that is out of reach. I end up closing the browser, and hoping it will just magically work tomorrow.

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