What is the Best Genealogy Software for Tracing a Family Tree?

family treeGenealogy and technology have become very intertwined. There comes a point where many genealogists will start to wonder about which websites, apps, and software they should be using. What is the best genealogy software for tracing a family tree?

The answer to that question depends upon who you ask. Everybody is going to have a personal preference about which genealogy software is best. Well meaning fellow genealogists may say that the software they currently use is the best, even if they haven’t actually tried the rest of of them.

Another thing to consider is what type of computer you are using. The very best genealogy software in the world won’t do you any good at all if it is for PC and you are using a Mac. The same is true in reverse. The very best genealogy software has to be one that is compatible with your computer.

It is helpful if you are aware of the way you like to work and how fast or slow your learning process is. Switching from the software you currently use to a new one will require a bit of a learning curve. You cannot get the best use out of the new software until you understand how to work it. Some people may find that to be an interesting challenge. Others will see it as a source of frustration.

One way to figure out what the best genealogy software for tracing a family tree is would be to take a look at websites that have rated several different types of software that are designed with genealogy in mind. Some of them will give reasons why they think one piece of software is better than another. They should note if the software is for PC or Mac.

Live Science has selected three different types of genealogy software as the best of 2014. Their information is coming from Top Ten Reviews which is a sister site to Live Science. It is a little bit amusing to note that two “sister” websites are offering information about software that can help you put together your family tree!

In first place, they have selected Legacy Family Tree. It is compatible with computers that are using Windows. The software is not compatible with Mac computers unless those computers have Windows for Mac installed.

What’s so great about Legacy Family Tree? It is easy to use and good for beginners. It includes some unique features such as an interview list with a series of potential questions that you should ask your family members. It has an “origins” chart that will show individuals what percent of their ancestry comes from various countries.

The software also comes with quick answers about how to use the program. There is a tech support hotline that you can call during business hours for additional assistance. It is always nice to be able to reach out for tech support!

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