What's New on FamilySearch - August 2016

Whats New on Family Search August 2016  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comFamilySearch is frequently adding new things, and making changes to, what they offer to genealogists and family historians. The best way to keep up with what’s new is to read the FamilySearch blog. At the end of every month, there is a list of things that are new on FamilySearch. You might find something that you weren’t aware of and that you are excited to make use of.

In August of 2016, FamilySearch made a change to what users can link to in their Family Tree. It is now possible to link unindexed images to a person in your family tree. Previously, users had to go through the attach process for each, individual, person they wanted to attach an unindexed image too. Obviously, that could be a tedious process.

Now, there are just three steps involved. First, give the photo a title. You can also add notes about the image. The notes you add are not indexed, and the data you put into the fields are not searchable. Even so, the notes can be viewed on the source attachment on the Family Tree.

Next, pick a person in your family tree that you want to connect that unindexed image to. After that, select the person’s surrounding relatives (such as spouses, children, parents, and siblings) to connect them to that unindexed image. The last step is to add a statement about why you believe the people in the unindexed image are the same as the people in your Family Tree.

FamilySearch is in the process of rolling out a new dashboard for users when they are logged in to FamilySearch. The content that you see on this new dashboard will be customized to you based on your preferences and activity in the Tree.

You will be able to view photos, read stories about your ancestors, and view items that have been recently added from other patrons right from this new logged in dashboard. It will also be possible to comment on photos and stories and share them on social media.

The new dashboard will also provide recommended tasks that you can view. You can decide to work on those tasks to further your family history work. The new dashboard will also include a list of recently viewed ancestors. That could be helpful if you wanted a quick way to pick up where you left off with your family history work.

These are just a few of the things that were newly added to FamilySearch (or that were in the process of being rolled out) in August of 2016. For more details, check the FamilySearch blog.

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