Where to Find Videos From RootsTech 2014

studying at a laptopRootsTech 2014 has come and gone. Even so, it is still entirely possible for genealogists to glean some of the information that was presented at the conference. Many videos from RootsTech 2014 have become available online.

This is great for genealogists who wanted to attend the conference but were unable to do so for whatever reason. Maybe the expense was more than your budget could handle, or you couldn’t get time off of work. You can still access a lot of the information that was presented at RootsTech 2014 by watching videos of the speaking events that took place.

What if you were among the genealogists who was able to attend RootsTech 2014? Every year, there is more going on at RootsTech than one person can take in. There are several things scheduled at the same, exact, time. It would be impossible for one person to attend everything. Fortunately, you can watch the videos of at least some of the things you were interested in checking out (but couldn’t do so).

FamilySearch has a very helpful list that includes links to nineteen videos of selected speakers who gave a presentation at RootsTech 2014. It includes the Innovator Summit Keynote Speaker, Chris Dancy, whose presentation was called “The Most Quantified Human”.

The list is broken up into three categories. Each one corresponds to one of the three days that RootsTech 2014 took place. You can focus on presentations that happened on that Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Each link will take you to where the video is hosted on the RootsTech website.

Another option is to visit the RootsTech 2014 YouTube playlist. That YouTube Channel is maintained by FamilySearch, too. There are fourteen videos in the playlist that you can choose from. Two videos are listed as “Private”, for whatever reason, and are not viewable.

All of the videos in the YouTube RootsTech 2014 playlist, and every video that is linked to in the FamilySearch list, can be watched for free. You do not have to be someone who attended the conference in order to watch the videos. Genealogists who have never been to RootsTech can get a good idea about what it is all about by watching some of the videos from RootsTech 2014. You might discover that you want to attend the next one!

Image by Saad Faruque on Flickr.

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