Where to Find Vietnam Conflict Era Records Online

Genealogists today can do quite a bit of research on their family tree simply by making use of the internet. It helps to have some idea of where to start looking for the information you hope to find. This list of where to find Vietnam Conflict Era records online can help you get started.

National Archives
* State-Level Lists of Casualties from the Vietnam Conflict

* Casualty Statistics from the Vietnam Conflict

* Medal of Honor Awards Case Files – ca.1972

Access to Archival Databases (AAD) Systems at National Archives

* Records on Military Personnel Who Died, Were Missing in Action or Prisoners of War as a Result of the Vietnam Conflict, 1/20/1967 – 12/1998

* Records with Unit information on Military Personnel Who Died During the Vietnam Conflict

* Records of Awards and Decorations of Honor During the Vietnam Conflict, 5/1969 – 3/1973

* Records About the Ground Combat Operations by the Army During the Vietnam Conflict, 7/31/1966 – 3/12/1973

* Records About Air Sorties Flown in Southeast Asia, 1/1970 – 6/1975

* Records About Hostile Fire Against U.S. And Australian Warships During the Vietnam Conflict, 10/25/1966-4/5/1970

* U.S., Vietnam War Military Casualties, 1956-1998

* Vietnam War, Awards and Decorations of Honor, 1965-1972

* Vietnam War, Causalities Returned Alive, 1962-1979

* U.S. Army Personnel and Dependent Casualties, 1961-1981

* Medal of Honor Recipients, 1963-1978

* Medal of Honor Recipients, 1979-2013

* Vietnam Service Awards

* Vietnam Affairs BIRLS Death File


* United States Casualties of the Vietnam War, 1956-1998

* United States Military Personnel who Died During the Vietnam War, 1956-2003

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial – The Wall
Use the search engine on their website to begin. Fill in whatever information you know. You do not need to fill in all of the blocks. You can add first name, last name, home of record, HomeState/Country, branch, age, service or SS#, rank, birthdate, casualty date, casualty date range. You can also select to search based on the specific number of an East Panel or a West Panel on the Memorial Wall.

Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency
The Vietnam War POW/MIA List includes two sections: Accounted-For, and Unaccounted-For. Start by finding the State/Territory that your relative or ancestor was from. You can view the information for that state, from either section, as a PDF. It is also possible to start with the branch of the military your relative or ancestor was in.

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