Which Term is Correct?

term-genealogyEven if you have been doing family history research for years, there are a few terms or phrases that can still be misspelled or misused. Here are some examples of the wrong and right words.

1. The word ‘cemetery’ – a location for burials of humans. You may have seen it spelled ‘cemetary’ – the letter ‘a’ near the end is not correct.  terms-Arlington cemetery

  1. 2. The term ‘genealogy’ might be seen with an ‘o’ rather than the correct letter ‘a’ between the e and l letters. (Photo of Arlington National Cemetery)

  2. 3. For things relating to the military the correct term is ‘cavalry’ rather than ‘calvary’.

  3. 4. When you have your written family story, make sure you state you ‘copyright’ it, not the phrase ‘copywrite’. Remember you have the right to your original copy of the work. terms-cavalry

  4. 5. A legal term referring to land records has ‘grantee’ which is the person purchasing property. The person selling the property would be ‘grantor’.

    6.  The terms ‘immigrant’ and ’emigrant’ can be confusing. The immigrant is the one going into a new land or area. The emigrant is leaving an region.  Terms--immigrants

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