Why Should I Hire a Genealogist?

Genealogists spend a lot of time researching their ancestors. Over time, and with practice, their confidence in their skill grows. Those who fit those descriptions may feel they have everything under control. Eventually, everyone requires some help.

Why should I hire a genealogist? There are many reasons why hiring a genealogist is a good idea.

They Have an Open Mind

It might be impossible to be truly unbiased when doing research about our one’s own family. A genealogist cannot help be influenced by the family stories they were told, or about assumptions about how they are related to someone else.

One reason to hire a genealogist is that they come with no preconceived ideas about your family. They have no emotional connection to your family history, and have no specific outcome they are hoping to discover through research. The results of their work may be very enlightening!

The “Brick Wall”

The most frustrating part of genealogy research is when a “brick wall” pops up and blocks your progress. This leaves a genealogist stuck at a dead end, with no clue about how or where to continue their research.

Another good reason to hire a genealogist is because they may have access to information that is not available online. That genealogist may be part of a lineage society who has records that are not accessible to the general public. They might have come across a similar “brick wall” before, and have developed the skills to move past it.

Language Barriers

Genealogists often find that their ancestors came from a foreign country. If so, then those ancestors may have vital records that are written in a language that the genealogist cannot read or understand. Hiring a genealogists who is fluent in a foreign language can be extremely helpful. Their research will include a translation of the important records and documents they located.

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