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If you had an ancestor who lived or worked in Wisconsin or even one of the neighboring states to Wisconsin the range of databases could prove helpful. The Wisconsin Historical Society has online a large array of resources.

There are a few dating to the 1600s but the majority are 1700s through the 20th century. You can searching using dates, county names, or the massive obituary category. You can search to see if there is an ancestor, matching any dates or locations with what you have. You can order a print copy of items you locate or a digital copy ($15 each). All instructions are there to make your order.

A big section is their newspaper articles (clippings) search-able by a person’s name. On an article, it does provide the year, month and day, so if you use a newspaper article database you could call up that article without ordering one, since the full name, and date along with newspaper name is provided. 

Use the search box near the top to look a specific person, county, town or family surname. Using the surname ‘Everhart’ as a test there were 45 entries.

Beside print and digital, there are photographs in the collection. There are photos and information on places not in Wisconsin but in other states. They range from portraits to places. All search-able

Photos: May 1950 University of Wisconsin faculty band led the parade for the Memorial Day celebration; 1890 portrait of the Smith family in Whitewater, Wisconsin; May 1894 – view of Wilson Riddell general store with a post office and pain ship attached. Located at Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

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