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You might have come across a reference to an ancestor who was born, lived, married or died in the territory or state of Wisconsin. It became a US state, the 30th one on May 29, 1848. A good online database is found with the Wisconsin Historical Society.

They do have a few documents dating back to the 1600s and more into the 1700s. However, the biggest numbers are from 1800 to 2000.

The sources for searching surnames range from obituaries, biographical books, and newspaper clippings. AS you know, those newspaper clippings can really provide some unusual stories related to an ancestor. The example of John Till was actually published on Aug. 31, 1961, yet he lived 1870 to 1947. Also featured in this news article is what is considered a very discovered photo of John Till. The listing for John Till provides enough for you to secure a full copy of the article which you would order separately. The listing is an Index providing you with a possible source with dates and locations. There are some 163,610 surname listings.

Some on another Wisconsin links do have more of the newspaper article – worth checking out.

Also, go over the Wisconsin States Census provided by FamilySearch.org – the years covered are 1855, 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, and 1905.

Photos: Wisconsin and John Till – Index Listing for a news article.

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