World War One and other Sources

WWI-UtahThe Europeana 1914-1918 web site has gathered a collection of documents and images relating to the ‘Great War’ – World War One. It is divided into sections; the European continent, American, New Zealand and Australia – each having been impacted by that war a hundred years ago.

The American section has some 27,505 resources you can review. The great thing on this series of collections, it just doesn’t cover 1914-1918, but rather a whole variety of people, events, location over a wide range of time periods. The Europeana site has partnered with other web sites to share information. You can search by locations, a subject, language or type of resource. The search box at the upper right would be the best place to start.

Pilot ToddPlacing a key word such as ‘pilot’ could product a military photo of an ancestor you had no knowledge about. A hometown name Frederick, MD could produce theAccount of the life and trial of John Markley, who was executed in Frederick City, Md., June 29, 1831′. So all types of times and events could be discovered.

The other tabs can also be explored what is in the collections Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Photos: Portrait of G.A. Tod, a pilot in the United States Army during World War I, taken during flight school at Miami, FL. Then inĀ Cedar City, Utah – a group of draftees for World War One – 1917.


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