WorldGenWeb Project

If you have not reviewed this online site, WorldGenWeb Project, you need to check it out. Being world – it does have genealogical sources from all the continents. Their archives come from public domain records and placed for free use on the Internet. You begin by clicking on the continent you are interested in examining. There will be a list of nations to select, along with other locations that have a separate listing.

A popular location is the United States, the USGenWeb Project.  Here will be a listing of all states, the District of Columbia, along with the Oklahoma Indian Territory. Each state’s collection will vary in what is available online. All do have a search engine to place a surname, a hometown or other keyword. Look over the additional links on the side which cover items general to the state, such as photos, maps, surnames lists, and books.  You can also narrow the search by selecting just one county in that state. Since all the compiling of links and databases is done by volunteers you might come across a county which does not offer as much in the form of information.  It should be one you go back to in a few months to see if anything has been added.

As you inspect the selections for ancestral hometowns you will generally find an email address where you can help by donating some photos or information to the site.

In other locations like the United Kingdom, the countries of Scotland, Channel Islands, Ireland, Isle of Man, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are each in different categories. Then within each, like the England section the different counties are listed.

Here you will find some history, maps and examination of the region. In the county of Lancashire, England, some of the available databases include the local newspapers, the Lancashire historical and genealogical societies, censuses, records from the National Archives of the UK, plus a collection of homepages on families from Lancashire done by fellow family history researchers.

Look over any listings of newest additions to the site.  Here can be some integrating items such as the names of the mutineers and their position as a member of the ship’s crew on the HMS Bounty in the United Kingdom GenWeb Project.

Photo example that might be located:  From Beauford Co., North Carolina, photo of John Allan and wife Margaret (Warren) Tuten.  John Tuten lived 1855-1933.

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