World's Largest Family Tree Templates Available For Free

A 13 Million Person Family TreeDo you come from an extremely large family? I do! The very idea of trying to fit all of my relatives, and all of my ancestors, onto one family tree template seemed impossible to me. In fact, the very idea was so intimidating that I really haven’t put much effort into attempting it. However, now that there are giant family tree charts that can be downloaded and printed out for free, I may be tempted to give it another try.

The giant templates come from the website They have several, smaller, family tree templates available as well, but the giant one is brand new! Look for their Large Family Tree Template page to get started. Choose between a tree that shows nine, ten, eleven, or twelve generations. They are still working on this, so there should be more designs, for more generations, that are ready in the near future. The charts start at 100” x 45” (or 8 feet x 3.75 feet), and go as big as 200” x 66” (or 16 feet x 5.5 feet). These are the world’s largest family tree templates!

There is enough room on these large family tree templates to allow you to display more than just names, dates of birth, and dates of death. You can add photos of your ancestors, newspaper clippings, and other important or interesting documents. This makes looking at your family tree a lot more interesting! The large size also makes it easier for several relatives to view the family tree at the same time. You can print it out on paper, and then attach it to something more durable (like cardboard), or print the template out on canvas.

The founder of, Melanie Walters, advocates the availability of free genealogy resources. She looked around the internet, but didn’t find anything out there that compared to the family tree templates that were on her website. The giant family tree charts she created are great for sharing with your relatives, and for fitting a big family onto one tree. I think these would also be really useful for genealogists who happen to be visually impaired.

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