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1940s-5-Pearl harbor attack-2You love finding information and photos on your ancestors, did it occur to you that YOUR own life story, including those historical moments, need to be written down for future generations. Who better to recount events that yourself who lived it.

No matter what achievements you have made even over just ten years are worth noting. Add to that the impact that world events had on you, your family or life. Some excellent historical events over the last few years include: September 11th terrorist attacks, the first African-American elected U. S. President, major hurricanes striking the United States in 2004 and 2005, the World Wide Web becoming commonplace, California earthquake in 1994, the economic turn down in 2008, development of social media including Facebook, high gasoline prices and terrorist setting off bombs during the 2013 Boston Marathon.  1960s-19-moon landng-2

Just pick one event at a time and write down your thoughts of what happened and how it affected you then and even years later. Not only will you appreciate your own writing later, but your family and community will also. Much could be donated to a museum either where an event occurred or in your own hometown.

Think of your ancestors of decades ago. Would you have loved their thoughts on different historical events as they lived it? Where they were and their thoughts when Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7, 1941. Or how did they made a living during the Great Depression? What effect did Prohibition have on their own community?

1990s-10-WWW-aWith each event you write about now you can include information about yourself. If covering about the 9/11 terrorist events, what occupation did you have, where were you living then, did you know anyone directly affected in New York?

You might not fully appreciate it now, but truly years from now you and will and certainly your family will cherish these writings.  2010s-3-unemployed

Photos: 1941 Pearl Harbor attack, man landing on the moon in 1969, WWW, and Unemployment in 2010.

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