Write About Your Hometown

You all have hometown, growing up as a child memories. These memories play an important role in your family history stories. Even if you moved frequently, chances are that the towns and cities of your past still have a special place in your heart.

As you look back, write about your hometown memories. The following are some ideas on how to capture the essence of the setting of your childhood stories.

Research some the town’s history, especially prior to your family living there and during. There may have been town events you have forgotten about over the years and learning of those events will help with recalling your childhood. A good example in the town of Stuart in southeast Florida, there was still segregation in the local theater, African-Americans had to sit in the upper baloney seats only. That changed in the mid-1960s.

As you do the brief history of the town, include some of its treasured landmarks or buildings. There could be drive-in theaters, parks, bridges, islands, lakes, diners, also that were important in your childhood.

Include in the town research about the approximate number of people who lived there when you did, what type of industry or businesses were there, and especially about the activities for children such as baseball fields, swimming pools, playgrounds, boating, etc. What were the transportation facilities like? Mostly cars, any trains, buses, trams, trolleys, etc. What were the schools like, all close to where you lived or did you take a school bus?

Check with the county public library for material along with its historical museum.

There can be happy and sad memories, but all are important and such be noted.

Photos: Stuart hometown with its bridge and waterways in 1949; Frederick, MD train station 1940 and Lynn, MA downtown in 1930.

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