York Co. PA and Neighboring Cemeteries

The areas of York County, Adams County and Cumberland County in Pennsylvania along with Carroll County in Maryland are all neighboring counties and have an long history of settlement. Many residents over the decades moved back and forth from one county to another. They also had their children and grandchildren resettle from York County to Carroll County or some other nearby location.

With such a long history, many people will have a possible ancestor who lived in one of these four counties. Even if a person moved away, they may have been buried in a cemetery which held some of their earlier relatives in one of these counties.

On the Hart Family site working with Harry Senft is a collection of cemetery listings for these four counties along with photos of the headstones. There are thousands of names and photos on this site.

As you scroll down the page there is a search box on the left side. Start with just a surname, unless it is a very common name, then add a given name. Keep in mind the search will go by the information on the headstone and you may have a variation in a family name spelling. You can also search by the hometown and the cemeteries there. You can also use the cemetery list which provides the cemetery’s name and location. The cemetery name will be with the township and the county’s name. When you see the name for a certain cemetery repeated that is because it is quite large and the names and photos have to be divided up. Click on the link to call up an image on the cemetery.

On the main homepage just scroll down that long list of cemeteries and there is also with each a Person Index, Picture # Index and Raw Picture Directory. Each of these can be clicked on for more information. The Person Index has name for cemetery in alphabetical order. Most of the information show is from the headstone, include full name, birth and death dates along with any other comments such as the ‘wife of’. To view that headstone click on the link number to the left. Each image is full size and not a thumbnail size.

This is a great method to ‘visit’ an ancestral cemetery if you had relatives from these counties right on your computer.

Photo: St. David’s Sherman Cemetery in York Co., PA – headstone of Clarence B. Wilson (1894-1919) and Herman W. Wilson (1917 – 1918).

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