You can download Dwellr, the new app from the U.S. Census Bureau, for free.

Build your family history with dwellr The United States Census Bureau has created a brand new mobile app called dwellr. The main purpose of the app is to increase and improve people’s access to the statistics that the U.S. Census Bureau keeps. The use of a mobile app enables you to locate that information no matter when you need it or where you are at. This effort is their way of following the Digital Government Strategy.

You can download dwellr for free. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. The iOS version requires iOS 4.3 or later. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and has been optimized for iPhone 5. The Android version requires Android 2.2 (and up).

What can you do with dwellr? You can customize it to show you the data that you are most interested in. You can view full tables in the American FactFinder online tool. The statistics are powered by the American Community Survey 5 Year Estimates. That gives you access to over 40 different topics for every neighborhood in the nation.

To be clear, you will not be able to use dwellr to directly do a search through United States Census Data. That might confuse some people, considering that the app was created by the United States Census Bureau. Instead, it has a more abstract use for genealogists.

Let’s say your genealogy research has uncovered the town, or city, where one of your ancestor’s lived. Maybe you know some things about that ancestor’s life, and have gotten a good idea of what the town or city your ancestor lived in was like. You can use Dwellr to find out statistics about that same place today. The differences between then and now might help you gain more insight about your ancestor’s day to day life.

Dwellr is focused on current statistics about big cities, mid-sized cities, small city, suburbs, small towns, and rural areas. You can discover the total population. It also gives you access to a variety of topics, including “Sex by Marital Status for the Population 15 years and over”, “Family Type and Presence of Age of Children Under 18 Years”, “Sex by Age”, “Occupation by Median Earnings for the Full-Time, Year-Round Civilian Employed Pop 16+ Years”.

The app will ask you a series of questions. Your answers will help it to show you relevant information. It will give you a list of information about yourself. It will also show you statistics about the community you currently live in. You can also use dwellr to find out about “my ideal place”. It will point out communities that match what you are seeking. For example, a family with young children can discover if the place they want to move to has lots of children for their kids to make friends with.

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