Younger Generation Involved in Family Tree

It is thought that many people do not get involved or develop an interest in their family tree until they are in the 40s or older. Yet, here are a few suggestions to encourage or spark the interest of someone younger than 40 in their family history.

Family Photos Scanned – the younger generation knows everything about computers and new technology – so enlist their help to get some family photos scanned. Start with photos of their parents when they were youngsters – they love seeing what the parents were like as kids. Then move onto grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Providing some Interesting Bits of Family Information – every family has several very interesting family stories—a relative in the Civil War, one who served as mayor, a wealthy merchant, or one who raised 15 children. Spark their interest with just one or two of such stories and they will be coming back for more. Let them see your excitement on discovering these true stories of real relatives.

Create an heirloom gift. A pillow made from a grandfather’s shirts, a Christmas ornament of a family photo (a house, a relative), a collage of several female family members at an approximate age. For example, a mother, aunt, grandmother, or cousin when each was about 25 years old. This was very unique and can become a great spark of further interest.

Finding Common Characteristics can be Fun. Say you have noticed a youngster has some musical ability. Encourage that and their interest in ancestors by locating any relatives who also were musical inclined. A child might be very good a math, so might their great uncle, who was an engineer, for example, can be good a math. Physically, a youngster might have red hair and so did their grandmother. Another youngster is great at sports and you let them know, show photos, etc how their uncle was a star track runner or baseball player.

Have and show your own passion and enthusiasm to the youngsters. When they see your excitement they just might want to do the same for their generation.  

Photos: Four young people; heirloom craft; resemble relatives and Queen Elizabeth and Prince George.

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