Your Ancestors during the Worst Years in American History

Here is a listing of major crises and events that occurred during the lifetimes of your ancestors. It would be important for future generations to know which of just these top events affected your ancestors. This list represents just some of the top worst events in American history. Each would be easy enough to do further research on to add details and of course, see how each ancestor was directly affected.


1862 – A divided nation with a knife in its heart and fighting each other – American Civil War last until 1865.

1929 – On October 29th – The year the stock market crashed, triggering the Great Depression that lasted into the 1930s.

1838 — Native Americans (Indians) were forced west from their homes during the infamous “Trail of Tears.”

1918 — The flu pandemic proved to be deadly in the United States and around the world.

1968 — A year of riots, racial unrest, the Vietnam War and political assassinations.

1962 — The Cuban Missile Crisis highlighted a year when the United States and the Soviet Union were on the brink of nuclear war.

2001 — The attacks of Sept. 11 in several locations jolted the U.S. out of complacency and brought terrorism close to home.

2020 – What a year! A global pandemic, an overactive hurricane season, nationwide protests over racial injustice and a contentious presidential election have dominated the news this year.

2021 – Jan. 6- the storming of the US Capitol Building by rioters.

Photos: 1862 Civil War; Spanish Flu of 1918; 1929 Stock Market Crash; Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 where attacks could happen and 2021 storming US Capitol.

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