Your Ancestors' Walking Stick

Yes, a cane was used by those who needed walking support, who had an injury. But many men also had a walking stick as an accessory. This was especially done from 1550 to 1930. Even the ladies used such a walking cane not solely use to help walk but for other purposes.

Ladies could have a tiny disperser of perfume to counteract the smelling city streets or have smelling salts handle in the stick in case they felt faint from wearing their tight dresses. Now a man would conceal a small gun, alcohol, poison, dart, telescope or drugs in his cane. There was also the famous sword cane, a full sword ready to pull out. Also, a cane that converted to a fishing rod also existed.

Walking sticks (canes) were also popular because they could be very decorative and lovely works of art. All types of designs in using wood and metal went into creating a fine cane.

Households had a walking stick (cane) holder (was round and free-standing) usually by the front door.

Check out any family photos, see if a relative had their favorite walking stick with them in the photo. They have become popular collector items.

Photo: Vintage Walking Sticks

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