Your Birth # Number

BirthPathNumbers Just like there are horoscopes to help figure out a person’s behavior and possible future actions, there is another method – Your Birth Number.

Here it is a simple matter of taking your birth month, day and year; convert them to numbers and then keep adding them together until you have one single number. This is known as numerology. Then there is a list of characteristics for each number.

To reach that single number, change the month you were born to a number – February would be 2. Then take the day you were born, like 28, add that to the 2, then take the full year, such as 1950 and add the full number. So for this birthday of Feb. 28, 1950 the total would be 1980.

Now add those four number together, which would be 18. Last add 1 plus 8 to equal in this case — 9. That for someone with this complete birthday would be ‘9’. This number represents a person who is a performer, engaging, spirited and likes fun. Now it doesn’t mean every write-up for each number fits a person perfectly, but there could be some close matches. It is fun to look it up.

Try this with your spouse, parents, grandparents, siblings or children. See how close they might really be to their birth number description.

Here is the link Birth Numbers to the full 9 different birth numbers and what each can tell you about a person, even it is just for fun. It will show some famous people who are that same number.

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