Your 'Old Kentucky Home'

The Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives has online a great e-Archives referred to as Electronic Records Archives. There is wide variety of government documents from Kentucky now in digital format that you can view.

The categories include Kentucky agriculture, Governor’s Office, local government, WPA, Secretary of State records for Kentucky, Universities and Colleges, as well as Historic Collection Agency and Historic Exhibits. With each categories are hundreds of sub-categories.

Click on any of the categories to see what is available. There is also a search box to place a keyword or name.

A very good category of Historic Collection Agency has a section titled ‘Department of Confederate Pensions 1912 to 1946’. Written information along with scanned documents in PDF format are available. Remember, pension records not only apply to the veteran but also their widow, that is why the date goes to 1946.

Strawberry Picking-KYWith many of the categories are photos, such as a successful harvest of strawberries in 1940 in Kentucky. There may not be names for each images but they do give you a sense of life at certain time periods.

It is best to do a general search in the top box, trying a surname or a hometown and see what comes up.

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