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Who Do You Think You Are?The well-known and loved television program ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ begins its 5th season this summer, starting July 23rd on the TLC channel. Featured celebrities on the show will include: Valerie Bertinelli, Kelsey Grammer and Cynthia Nixon. The show takes the viewer through the process of locating a specific branch of a person’s family, including the sources used and what is uncovered. All have been fascinating stories, many not previously known by the individual. Each time the person gains greater insight to how they reached their own place in the present through the events in their ancestors’ lives.

In connection with the genealogical site ‘FindMyPast’, they have made it easier for anyone to create and write up their own family story. The site “Who Do You Think You Are — Create Your Family Story” offers a free and simple method or process for developing the story of your family. This site will be fully up and running shortly.

At the online site, register now with your name and email address and you will be notified when the program is completely ready for you.


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Who Do You Think You Are?


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