YouTube Video Reunites Long Lost Daughter and Mother

Mother and DaughterThe internet is an excellent tool for people who are trying to get in touch with long lost family members. Usually, we hear stories about people who have used the social networking website Facebook to locate and reconnect with the relatives that they have lost contact with. It seems that the YouTube website is useful for that purpose as well. A woman who was in Malaysia has successfully used YouTube to reconnect with her American mother, after the two had been separated for more than 30 years.

Halimah Hajar made a YouTube video in 2007, when she was 39 years old. In the video, she asks for help with finding her mother, whom she hadn’t seen in 32 years. Although Halimah was recording this video from where she currently was living, in Malaysia, she was actually born in the United States. She holds up her American passport in the video, and tells viewers that she was born in Chicago. When she was very young, she moved from New York City to Malaysia, to live with her father’s family.

In the YouTube video, Halimah holds up the one and only photo she has of her mother. It’s blurry, and shows a woman with dark hair who is holding a baby. She also shows a letter that her mother wrote, which was sent to her from Fairbanks, Alaska. Halimah repeats her mother’s name, Kate Saganna, more than once, and asks for help from anyone who watches the video that can help her reconnect with her mother.

In 2008, Ronald Saganna Jr. searched for his surname online. The video that Halimah put on YouTube came up in the search. Ronald is the nephew of Kate Saganna. Ronald sent a link to Halimah’s video to the rest of the family. Another nephew, Daniel Lum, recognized Halimah’s face in the video, and believed that she was the cousin that went missing when she was child.

Kate Saganna met Halimah’s father when she was in college. She had two children with him, Halimah, and a younger brother to Halimah, named Zainuddin. Kate was Christian, and Halimah’s father was Muslim, and the cultural differences between the two families caused them to split up. One day, Kate told her family that Halimah and Zainuddin had been sent to live in Malaysia, and that was the last time the family heard anything about them. Until Halimah’s video appeared on YouTube, that is.

Halimah’s American family was able to make contact with her after seeing the YouTube video. They helped Kate make a video too, so Halimah could see what her mother looked like after all these years. In 2010, the long lost daughter and mother were able to finally reunite in person. It turns out that YouTube is good for more than clips of newscasts, music videos, and funny videos of animals doing cute things, after all!

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