Coptic (Egyptian) Genealogy

The Coptic culture is based on the Coptic church which was circled on the teachings of St. Mark. He introduced Christianity to Egypt around 50 A.D. while the Romans were in power. The followers of the Coptic Church were persecuted by different conquerors, including the Romans and later the Christian Catholic Church. Arabs following the Islamic religion viewed them as enemies during the Crusades and even into modern times.

Being centered in Egypt, the Coptic culture over the centuries has been linked with the Arab and Islamic cultures. The Coptic civilization lasted for almost two thousand years and represents an essential segment of the Egyptian cultural heritage. In Coptic genealogy they view themselves as Egyptian and not Arab.

Coptic language was developed from ancient languages such as Greek and Egyptian. It was once a very common language in the region, but that has given way to other regional languages like Egyptian, which is used most of the time. The Coptic language is mostly used in the Coptic Church.

In examining Coptic genealogy, the people are referred to as Copts. Most live in Egypt and number about 17 million individuals. Many cultures are blended over the years for the Coptic culture. A mixture of Pharaonic, Roman, Greek and Arab cultures, along with present-day Egyptian society represents Coptic traits.

Their accomplishments include the Coptic artists who enjoyed using decoration and decorative drawings. Artists carved wood into designs of interlaced vines or pomegranates, or scenes had of domestic creatures, such as rabbits and birds. Many of their church panels of wood latticework were designed with geometrical patterns and adorned with pictures of saints, different types of crosses and inlaid ivory.

Other locations of the Coptic community are found in Australia, Sudan, Canada, the United States, Great Britain, and other European nations like Germany and Austria. Those in Egypt speak Arabic language as they do some of the other locations. In Egypt the Coptic Christians are the largest Christian group in the Middle East. They think of themselves as the descendants of the ancient Egyptians. The word ‘Copt’ means Egyptian.

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